The Basic Skincare Routine That Anyone Can Follow

The Best Skincare Routine That Anyone Can Follow

All our organs need periodic detox and care; why should our skin be treated any differently?

After all, it’s our body’s largest organ. It protects us from harsh external conditions and keeps the insides in place. Since this organ is exposed to the external atmosphere all day, every day, it also makes sense to give it some attention to keep it functioning rightly.

Why should I care about Skincare?

Skincare has been looked down on as a vanity in recent times. A person who pays attention to his/ her body is labeled as a narcissist. But you need to understand that everyday work, busy schedules, and a hectic and unhealthy life take a risk on your body. The symptoms of weak health manifest on first your skin, earlier on any other part of the body. Time indeed takes its risk on us, but pre-mature wrinkles, dull skin, sun damage, and some severe conditions similar as eczema and psoriasis can be prevented and treated with a proper care routine.

How do I Begin a Proper and Ideal Routine?

Before designing a regime, you need to figure out your skin type. The different types include-oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin. Also, you need to check for any other issues that you would want to address. You need to understand that there’s no set regime for everyone because we’re all different. Meaning what works for your family or friends might not be the best result for you.

What's the Basic Skincare Regime?

Since the routine depends on the skin type, we’ve put together a primary practice that will work for everyone. It includes-

For morning ritual
1. Cleansing

To cleanse, you need to invest in a sulfate-free cleanser. These cleansers are mild and don’t entirely remove the natural oils, leaving you feeling smooth and soft. A good cleanser removes the excess oil and grime without drying you out.

2. Toning

Stay clear of toners that contain alcohol. Alcoholic colors are harsh and will lead to blankness. You can use natural colors similar to rose water. And if you’re someone with dry skin, you can skip this step.

3. Moisturizing

Moisturizers help in hydration. Use a moisturizer that contains SPF to give you protection from the sun. There are different types of moisturizers for different skin types. Before you choose one, remember that it’s better to choose a natural product that’s organic and are non-comedogenic.

For Night- Time
1. Cleansing

You can use the same cleanser that you used in the morning. However, you’ll need to wipe off every bit of makeup and dirt using cleansing oil and wash off the rest with the cleanser, If you wear makeup.

2. Apply Serum

Anti-oxidant serums are rich in nutrients formulated to nourish your face. Check for ingredients similar to Vitamin C, algae extracts, and resveratrol.

3. Eye Cream

People who have puffy eyes or dark circles will benefit from using a suitable eye cream.

4. Moisturizing

For better nourishment at night, choose a water-based moisturizer that will offer hydration without clogging the pores.

Customizing your regime helps you to offer the best care to your skin. Terra offers skincare solutions for everyone.

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