Is Dry Hair Shampoo The Only Solution?

Is Dry Hair Shampoo The Only Solution

So many of us are unfortunate enough to suffer from unruly hair and in most cases, this can be prevented by using dry hair shampoo. In many cases, hair becomes tangled and knotted because it lacks moisture, in some circumstances, this is our fault because we constantly blow heat onto our hair by using either hairdryers or hair straighteners. This is not always the reason; sometimes the simple fact is that it is naturally dry.

By using this type of product it means that all of the natural oils stored in your mane are not washed away, because it is very mild and adds to the already existing oils. There is a wide range of these shampoos out there; the price really depends on the quality of the product and the name on the bottle.

However, you need to know that just by using this shampoo does not mean that your situation will be resolved; there are other forms of treatment that you need to adhere to.

Treat the hair with patience, when it is wet use a wide-tooth comb and take your time to comb out any knots, and make sure that the treatment is fully rubbed all over your hair, not just in one place. Remember to not brush the hair whilst it is wet, only comb it.

Most importantly, if you have any dead, dry ends you will need to chop these off regardless of how much hair this will mean losing. Once your ends die, the damage will only spread up the hair strands until almost all of the hair is damaged and this is not an attractive look for both men and women.

Whatever you do, do not grab a towel to dry your locks with, this will rub away any of the moisture that you do have and usually creates a frizzy look. The best thing to do when you have finished washing your hair is to gently squeeze any access water and then allow it to drip dry naturally, without any artificial heat appliances.

When using any dry hair shampoo only do so every couple of days because this will help to maintain the moisture. If you feel that your hair is becoming frizzy and only one day has passed since you last washed your hair, then just wet your hair and if you want to, use a small amount of shampoo.

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